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The Original Bob Riedy Chicago Blues Band presents:
Chicago Blues Review
Saturday, June 11, 2011
8 p.m. - midnight
Original band members with featured artists including Sam Lay and Bob Corritore

Chicken Basket
654 Joliet Rd. (I-55 & Route 83)
Willowbrook, IL

CBF Activities in support of our mission:

Chicago Urban Blues Reunion Tour Documentary Film

PBS was on hand in Phoenix on April 17, 2009, to film the 30-Year Chicago Blues Reunion Tour. The filming will serve to update a 35-year-old documentary film originally done by Columbia College, which will be digitized by Mike Siegel. CBF will screen part of the film at the Chicago Blues Festival.

View Reunion Tour Film Poster

Annual Chicago Blues Festival

CBF was proud to accept the Mayor's invitation through The City of Chicago MOSE Office, to once again host a Sponsor's Booth at the annual Chicago Blues Festival. This festival which runs for multiple days in early June each year, celebrates the history of and the current performance of blues in Chicago.

CBF limits its scope somewhat by maintaining archives of the authentic Chicago Urban Blues genre from the 1960s through its revival in the 1970s. CBF maintains an unbroken string of posters, etc., from the mid 1960s through the end of the 1970s. This covers the seminal Blues artists like Muddy Water and Howlin Wolf, and subsequently their apprentices who chose Chicago Urban Blues as the language accent for their music and for the most part carried the genre into the future. This kept the genre alive after the passing of many of the creators of Chicago Urban Blues.

We will continue to work towards providing the guests who visit our booth with a comprehensive glimpse into our archives and offer limited edition, numbered, collector's quality original blues artifacts, poster overruns, and artists original promotional photos. Audio and video restorations will be screened and available to the public over time. For more information on the Chicago Blues Festival, visit their web site at www.chicagobluesfestival.us .

Chicago Blues 30 Year Reunion Tour

Historic event featured blues greats Sam Lay, Gabe Butterfield, Bob Corritore, and the Bob Riedy Chicago Blues Band. The bands performed from Thursday, October 30 through Sunday, November at The Lodge at Geneva Ridge, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

First-run prints of the official Chicago Blues 30 Year Reunion Tour Poster are available in exchange for a small donation to the Chicago Blues Foundation!

Official Chicago Blues 30 Year Reunion Tour Poster