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Chicago Urban Blues Reunion Tour Film to Screen at Blues Festival

PBS was on hand in Phoenix on April 17, 2009, to film the 30 Year Chicago Blues Reunion Tour. The filming will serve to update a 35-year-old documentary film originally done by Columbia College, which will be digitized by Mike Siegel. CBF will screen part of the film at the Chicago Blues Festival.

The 35-year-old documentary film features the late John Littlejohn and Johnny Young as early members of the Bob Riedy Chicago Blues Band. The original Bob Riedy Blues Band chose the venue for the filming (which is the archetypical Blues Club in Phoenix), owned by the new harp player in the band who has filled in for Carey Bell since his death. The new video features Eddy Clearwater performing some of John Littlejohn and Johnny Young's songs, accompanied by the original core band playing behind those same songs as they did three decades ago.

Some of the band members who live and work in Europe made the trip just to perform these two historic sets—with all the energy and enthusiasm you could imagine. During the breaks, on-camera interviews were filmed to fill in the history of the past 35 years. The old film and possibly some of the new film will be screened at the Chicago Blues Festival in the CBF Booth June 12 through June 14.

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